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First, we want to sincerely thank you for being a part of Love Auto Repair and for generously giving of your finances for the advancement of God's Kingdom in Fort Wayne. Vehicles represent economic stability to low-income families.  Without a vehicle, maintaining a job or advancing to a higher level position is next to impossible.  Some of our customers even let other low-income families use their vehicle to make it to food banks, government offices, church, and job search opportunities.  We love providing excellent repairs at a cost that won't wreck already stretched-too-thin budgets.  We also love saving our Brothers and Sisters money so they can be more free to reinvest into the Kingdom (either through us as a one-time donation or otherwise).  Thank you – Love Auto Repair couldn't be what it is without you.


Information on Automatic Giving


Automatic Giving is one of the many ways to give to Love Auto Repair. In addition to making it simpler for you to give, automatic giving is really helpful to our trainees because it helps us budget for much needed equipment/tools with more predictability.


Option 1: Set Up Automatic Giving through your bank's Online Banking “Bill Pay” There are several ways to set up automatic giving, but the best way is to use your bank's Online Banking / Bill Pay feature. Almost every bank provides online banking capabilities, which will let you to set up Love Auto Repair as a "payee" that your bank will automatically mail a check to at regular intervals. The process for each bank is slightly different, but in general, you can log in to your bank's online banking web site, and look for a way to set up a new "bill pay" payee (the language may be different from bank to bank). Then, you would add Love Auto Repair as the payee with the following information: Love Auto Repair, 1331 East Berry Street, Fort Wayne, IN  46807.


Next, you'll set up how often you want a check to be mailed to us, and for what amount. Once you confirm and save the information, the bank will automatically mail a check to us at the interval you specify until you cancel the bill-pay. Usually this service is provided for free through your bank, but you'll want to check with them to be sure. If you need help getting this set up with your bank, just let us know what bank you use and we'd be happy to get more specific instructions for you.


Option 2: Set up Recurring Giving through our website.  You can give recurring and one-time donations online through the Donate button below by simply following the prompts. However, we'd encourage you to use the online banking option whenever possible, as it saves the ministry the cost of credit card transaction fees which are charged to us whenever donations are processed through the web site. If the online banking option isn't available to you, giving through our web site is a great next-best way to get automatic giving set up. Please let us know if you have any questions by emailing craig@lovecc.org. We really appreciate your support of Love Auto financially - it makes a big difference.


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